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           azzaman newspaper 16/5/2007
   new release 16/5/2007                                         
                                                        new release / star newspaper 
                                                        litchfileld newspaper USA

             " A sculpture draped rigid incorporating fluidity with an unyielding mass. The
            color which entices you, the form which its tactile seduction calling upon you
            to reach out and run a loving hand all over it. The symbols to read like Braille,
            a sensory delight to indulge in."
              Dee.Sastre    Luxury  magazine  Jordan , Oct 2005

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From all of my heart with high respect to the first artist and writer who saw my art in the time i was not able to realize the exact meaning of art, and he took my hand and pointed my vision to a wonderful reason of living, to the great Babylonian artist Hamed AL Heete with my thanks.

" saadi abbas took our eyes through his vision and lead us to discover the exact match of of our vision through the forms , the color for him is adventure created from inner side and composed in object." Hamed Al Heete, from his article on Alf Ba Magazine the first about my art in 1971.

"On closer inspection one will realize that Babely this year presented a new concept that combined the technique used in creating a painting with a sculpture. Scattered around the gallery in the section where his works are on display one will come across revolving  rectangular boxes that are fixed on pyramid like shapes that bear Babely's mythological symbols and scribbles. " Mike Derderian,  Star newspaper  , Jordan/ Amman, May 25 , 2005    

" strong reflections with no time limit, one of babely's art work, the winner of the New Britain Museum of American art, 32nd exhibition in july 2001. Artist Saadi Babely he is strongly links his vision with what he nherited from his ancient history"   Ralph De Lucia Azzaman newspaper London, 2003

"Saadi Abaas Babely new exhibition in orient gallery in Amman " the wall and the bird" took an advance step of new vision of seeing the symbols filled with music related to carving stone in ancient Babylon"  Razaq Alwan, Arab Today newspaper, Amman, 1999

"Artist Saadi Abbas represent in his new exhibition the rhythm of dialogue between the wall and the bird, in graphical space , and between two major concepts the movement ( the bird ) and the static ( the wall )."
Mhammed Al Amire. Al destor newspaper, Amman, 1999

"on this wall Babely paint by the worm colors of earth, green and bronze , his vision touched to the surface with high changeable rhythm, the form of the bird brought to us our memories , and to our bird the unlimited space." Hessan Dassa, Alraae newspaper, Amman, 1999

" saadi's art works give us exceptional moment to discoverer world in time of joy and happiness, it's a sign of coming life , life of beauty created by art, not bounded by any laws, it's life of freedom coming to us from no where , and give our eyes beautiful vision" Faroq Yosef, Al Galeje news paper UAE, 1998

" the works of Saadi Abbas distinction in it's new structural character in the modern arab formative art. Movement and rich colors provide a continuos pleasure for the observer." LBTV. Lebanon, 1988

" saadi's works reflecting an exploring of tricks where ever it is". " his strong expressive technique and style renewed saturated and originality makes him distinguished."
Dr. sam Kubba, Ain gallery Baghdad, 1992

" saadi is a master in his rich colors experiment, representing the objects of living world, lighting gates , human touches." Thuria AL Baqsame , Al watan newspaper, Kuwait, 1988

"saadi's painting is a huge landscape contains different elements, he moved these elements to compose a sight of birds, human figures, he realize the abstraction power of the surface." Kefah Al habeeb. Al jumhoria newspaper , Baghdad, 1992

" saadi's painting it is not easy to understand, it needs a moment of awareness." Hashim Hassan, Alwatan al arabi , newspaper , Paris, 1986

" saadi's experiment gives us a new window through the light , which we see it on a very sensitive lines, to move our eyes to the new way of seen." Mohammed Al mahde, Al anbaa newspaper, Kuwait, 1988

"saadi's work explores the superimposition of pattern upon pattern, ." Chris Horton, artist prof. from his statement on 1983 exhibition USA, 1984

"saadi's exhibitions in USA, China, Caribbean, Western and Arabic countries, gave him experience for exchanging contemporary culture with artists and critics." Andero P. Jones, CPTV , USA, 1991

" saadi do not remove the visual seen from the concept of his works, the painting to him is not accident, it's reflection of inner things." Adel Kamel , AICA, 1988

" with his contrast strips colors , saadi gets our sight by using his new techniques of opposite and parallel  strips which lead our thoughts in to a dream". Kawla Ibrahim , Al Jumhoria newspaper, baghdad, 1984

" Saadi's works always containing cracks and lighting always there is a line of light passing through the picture. " Sawsen Al samer , Al Jumhoria newspaper , Baghdad, 1986

" searching for developing meaning of painting to get the after seen, not before is saadi's representation way , which puts the observer in connecting relationships with the seen world." Shaker Hassan AL saad. AL Jumhoria newspaper , Babghdad, 1990.

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